BMX news

Mike Daly has been busy working on 2020bmxmag with the new issue out this week in Australia and New Zealand.

Mike is also heading over to Europe soon for the worlds and a road trip with Niels Thanild. While in Europe Mike will also be representing Australia at a meeting to form an International Federation for freestyle BMX. Mike also went over to New Zealand recently to
cover the annual x-air and a road trip for 2020mag.

Simon O’Brien has been winning contests as usual, he just got back from the Ninja Spin comp in Paris where he took out first place, he also took first place at the bmx games in Adelaide last month. Simon is back home now riding in his front yard no doubt.

We would like to welcome Luke Parslow to the Etnies team, Luke has been getting flow from Etnies for a while now but has now been added to the team. Luke is finalising his athlete visa for the US this week and heading over for all the big comps this year, good luck!

John Commino, has been riding street as usual and hanging out in the Drain
Kid hood. When we asked what he had been up to he sent us this story….

About three weekends ago myself and three other nameless souls decided to sneak into the Desperate and Dateless Ball that was held at the one and only Dream world on the Gold Coast. We all purchased cheap ‘op-shop’ suits a week before and looked smashing when fitted, a whole $20 worth. Without further preparation we headed to the mission check-point. We had no plan or
tip-offs, only our shear determination and will to ‘have a cool story’ lead us to a point of no return.
After hours of travelling blindly through the bush stepping under and over several barbed-wire fences, we arrived at a conundrum. Only after scaling a six foot fence, we realized that we were more or less trapped between two fences – the one we jumped and the next one on the list. That wasn’t even the worst of it because after the next fence was a twelve foot double barbed-wire fence. It was no hope and after a few frantic minutes of trying to figure out how to hop the massive fence, we discovered to our pleasant surprise that it was the fence to Tiger Island. I am still glad that we didn’t climb that fence.
Well, without giving too many details away we soon got in and had all the free drinks in the world. We all looked so very sharp and had a night to remember. So remember kids, if you have dreams that people don’t follow, stay strong because in the end a cool story will make you popular and people will like you for that if there’s nothing else good about you.

Michael Perkins recently won the Dirty Deeds comp in Melbourne

Kenny Raggett is now working as a plumber and every time we call him he’s out digging a hole somewhere.  When he’s not digging he riding at Fairy Meadow or Dapto with the other Wollongong locals. Kenny headed over to New Zealand for the annual x-air comp in Hamilton and also travelled the north and south islands in search of helicopter rides, bungee jumping and speed boat rides. All the stuff you are supposed to do in NZ.

Shane Biffen has moved up a gear with the trail building. The new trail set up is in a super secret location complete with couches and a water pump for the smoothest trails out there. He’s also ripping up Lumea skatepark with fellow Etnies team rider Dermo, on those cold Campbelltown nights.

Pete Majoinen has been recovering from more injury in Canberra. Pete has been helping run some local comps and is studying all sorts of physio and medical courses to help fix his many injuries. Pete and all the Canberra crew will be out in force this weekend for the Act4 jam, should be fun.

Look out for the new Rooftop 3 shoe available soon at Etnies retailers and bike shops