Emerica continues as the team on the move in ’04 with young guns blazing. Firstly, Matty Johnston is holding down his end of the fort by finishing up an ASM interview he’s been working on over the last couple of months with AC and Dave Chami. Look forward to seeing Matty J’s truly unique take on modern street skating in the Jan/Feb issue.

Never one to be outshone, after shooting an average of five to everyone else’s one trick on the recent SMP Rural NSW Tour (see Slam 100), Dave Harris has an 8 pager coming out in Slam 102 featuring the best of his best. We’re expecting Dave to take his first trip to the States before the end of the year.

And finally, what can be said about the rise and rise of 18 year old Shane Cross. If you haven’t seen his 10 page Thrasher interview – prepare to be shocked! I don’t think any one Australian has ever busted out of virtual obscurity to blow up the way Shane has. The same Thrasher features Shane’s first ad for Legacy Skateboards, while Ellington has gone on record listing Shane as one of his favourite up-and-comers. Shane is already back in America for his second visit this year, this time around touring Mexico with Mapstone and the Volcom team. Go Son!.


The breakdown of a high powered paintball gun.

There are several types of paintball guns on the market today. Everything from Paintball shotguns and paintball pistols to semi-automatic paintball guns and all out paintball machine guys. Keep in mind, for recreational use you’re probably not going to need anything too drastic, but having a high quality paintball gun definitely helps when it comes time to hone in on your target. Here is a whole slew of paintball guns that you might find in the average Paintballer’s collection.

You may recognise such brands as Angel paintball guns, Spyder paintball guns and the infamous Tippmann paintball guns.

How a Tippmann A5 Works

This video shows how a Tippmann A5 paintball marker works. Many other models are similarly designed and this video illustration applies to most of them.

All in all, these are high quality guns that usually don’t yield much elbow grease minus the routine cleanings that all guns require. However, there some differences. Some will argue than the Tippman paintball guns shoot hard and further than Angel paintball guns. Some prefer the Spyder paintball guns because they are lightweight and don’t get as tiresome to carry for those lengthy afternoon in the field. Personally, I have never bought anything but Tippmann paintball guns because pack a good combination of being relatively light, while being extremely accurate. (And not being the best ‘shot’ in the world, I need all the help I can get).

A whole slew of standard Paintball guns. These are examples of some of the most common paintball guns.

It’s hard to tell some of these apart. Would you be able to do it if someone asked you to indicate which are Angel paintball guns and which ones are Tippmann paintball guns? If you can tell the difference, you might need to pick up another hobby or check in to some sort of Paintball support group because the differences are pretty minute.

Most of the above pictured Paintball guns are somewhat dated, but they work just fine. However, if you’re just getting into the game of Paintball and want something that most current, there are several options for you to choose from as well. There are single shot paintball guns with easy to fill hoppers. There are sleek paint ball guns that look futuristic and there several paintball guns on the market that are hard to distinguish from the real deal. This can be a problem in some cases, and that is why it’s always a good idea to transport your guns carefully to and from the playing field. Keep this in mind when it’s time to pick out your favorite Paintball sniper guns. Here are some of the options that are on the market.

Gravity feed single shot paintball gun. Another type of Gravity feed paint ball gun.

Also keep in mind that when you do buy a high quality paintball gun, you’ll need to stock up on the all the accompanying paintball gun accessories in order to keep the gun functioning properly. Having the right Paintball gun accessories is important to players of all skill levels. You’ll want enough paintballs to keep around so you don’t run the risk of running out! Each paintball gun requires certain tools to break it down and keep it clean in between uses. This is very important, much like real guns need cleaning, in order to keep the gun firing accurately and avoid jamming. Here is an example of a complete setup, from the Paintball gun itself to the tools and Paintball gun supplies you can expect to bring with you whenever you play your new paintball game.

A very accurate shooting paintball gun. One of the best paintball guns on the market accompanied by its paintball accessories.

As with all things competitive, people take it overboard. In most paintball games and competitions there is no need for some of the things people bring to the match, regardless of the game they are playing or what’s on the line. You need your paintball gun, the ammo and proper protection. That’s pretty much it. Some people take it a little overboard. There are some pretty wild paintball guns out there that are pretty much for novelty use only. There are AK-47 paintball gun replicas, full automatic paintball guns and yes, even the infamous Steven Segal shotgun has been transformed into a paintball gun. Most matches and Paintball games, you’ll be just fine with the standard paint ball gun. However, for your viewing pleasure, here are some outrageous paintball guns that have hit the market recently.

One of the sickest Paintball markers ever; a Steven Segul-style paintball gun. Coolness factor = priceless. AK-47 Replica Paintball gun.

I can’t stress enough how important a quality gun is. Again with the basketball reference – a “ball isn’t a ball” in this case. All guns shoot and feel different than one another, not to mention some high powered paintball guns shooting much harder than others. You should choose a gun that you can carry around easily, feels comfortable in your and is relatively accurate. You will always come across someone who has a bigger, better and harder shooting gun than you, but that doesn’t matter. Pick what’s best for you and your Paintball needs. And of course, never mind this maniac who is completely out of control. There is absolutely no need for this Paintball Machine gun. Ever. I can’t imagine any Paintball course even allowing such a thing. However, I do admit it’s pretty cool.

Lunatic shooting a full automatic Paintball gun.

Please Note: Paintball guns should only be used after you have fully read the instructions and been shown the proper way to operate a paintball gun by a professional. Wearing the necessary protective Paintball Gear at all times is strongly recommended.

Why Should You Choose to Play Paintball?


Our prices start generally from $50 per person, which often includes gear hire, BBQ lunch, 100 paintballs and as many games of paintball that you can play. Extra paintballs are usually around $50 for 200 balls.

Organiser Bonuses

Organise 10 mates to play at Quattro Sports Paintball and we’ll give you 500 paintballs for free, get 20 friends out to shoot and you’ll receive 1000 paintballs for free.This is our thanks to you as the organiser of your group.

Best and Latest Equipment

We provide ultra-modern Proto and Sly goggles with clear, unscratched lenses.

Camouflage overalls with in-built padded neck protectors! Ladies also receive padded chest and back protectors at no extra charge (guys can have one upon request).

We’ve sourced a brand of paintball that shoots consistently well through the barrel, leaving a thick paint splat so your opposition knows they’re out. We sell them at a very competitive price and you’re encouraged to compare our prices. We also pack all your paintballs in sturdy pods of 100 – no carrying around plastic bags of paintballs.

Gun Upgrades

All players receive a semi-automatic paintball gun – easy to use, just point at your target and pull the trigger. We also have camouflaged guns that look cool and help you blend into the bush, available at no extra charge.

Players can upgrade their gun to include a Tippmann Flatline barrel for greater distance and accuracy, or play with a Tippmann A5 which offers a higher rate of fire and also includes a flatline barrel.

No Surcharges

We don’t charge you extra for using a credit card or debit card, We make it as easy as possible to book online now.

Start Time – Your group can start at 9am on both Saturday or Sunday.


From the moment you arrive you can stand out of the cold, rain or heat in our comfortable administration building. Have a free coffee, sit back watch the latest paintball DVDs and get some tips before your mates do. We have permanent toilets too – not anything you think about until you have to use a smelly port-a-loo…

At each battlefield, Quattro Sports Paintball has safety zones where you can safely take your mask off, cheer your team, and have a drink under the shade before the next game starts.

Check out the photos of our battlefields. Unlike one of our competitors websites, all our photos are of OUR venue showing players on OUR battlefields…


Our referees will supervise your games, clean your gear, offer advice, make emergency deliveries of paintballs out to anyone that has run out (under fire!), make you laugh and generally ensure that your paintball experience is the best and safest you can have. The service you receive while at Quattro Sports Paintball is second to none.

About Quattro Sports Paintball

Quattro Sports Paintball has been operating since 1994 and from humble beginnings we have grown to be one of the biggest paintball venues in the Canberra and southern NSW region.

At Quattro Sports Paintball we boast 12 spectacular paintball battlefields set over 70 acres – The Village, The Citadel, Twin Peaks, The Clock, Dead Twi – just to name a few. Some fields are so large and dense with thick bush that you cannot see the other team at the start of the games

The fun of playing paintball can range from 3 to 8 hours, but your memories of your experience at Quattro Sports Paintball will last a lifetime.

Quattro Sports Paintball Club

Since 1996 Quattro Sports Paintball has been committed to make playing paintball a safe, joyous event, whether you are a 1st timer, returning or experienced player. We currently have over 50 members from all over the country. The members who play are players who found the site looking to hook up and meet honest players. We play about 4-8 times a year playing private, scenario, and walk-on games through out the year.

What makes Quattro Sports Paintball different than most groups or clubs is that we strictly play hopperball. The main rule of hopperball is that all players are limited to the paintballs that can be carried in their paint gun’s hopper. Besides knowing that every player will have about the same amount of ammo we found out that hopperball minimises Spray & Pray tactics regularly found in paintball. It is also a great way to improve your shooting skills and fire discipline. An average member uses about 1071 paintballs a day so in the long run you save money.

The Battlegrounds

Our home field is Skirmish USA located in Jim Thorpe, PA. Skirmish USA is probably the most well known paintball field on the east coast. 46 Award Winning Paintball Fields on 700 acres of topnotch terrain!

The Costs
Joining the paintball club is free. There are no sign up fees for joining, but there is the cost to play paintball. All the admission, paintball, and additional costs to play are listed and explained on the website.

Game Play

We play many types of games through out the day. You can expect to play classic games such as Capture the Flag, Attack & Defend, Total Elimination, and Center Flag. We also have a few original games like Tank Buster and Flag Search. On average the club plays about nine 15-30 minutes games a day. We stray away from paint hungry fields like speedball courses and thick brush fields. As paintball players we all know that the refs can’t be everywhere so we play by the Honor System.

Joining The Club

It’s easy to get involved just: sign up, show up, follow the rules and you’re in. It’s just that easy. Members are entitled to: paintball discounts, marker giveaways, discounted admission fees, and even free admission.

The Rules

All members are to abide all safety & club rules and the Honor System. Goggle/mask, barrel plug, marker chronographing, and hopperball rules are strictly enforced.

The spirit and intent of these rules and the duty of enforcing them is to ensure safe play; to promote fair, unbiased competition; and good sportsmanship necessary to keep these paintball events a positive experience for all.

Honor System

The honor system is important, as players must call themselves or a teammate out when paint breaks on valid areas. If you were hit and are not able to see or feel the paint please ask a teammate, nearby eliminated player, or call for a paint check.


What??? Never played before??? No problem….we get new players all the time. We are certain all of our players and the Skirmish staff will be friendly & willing to help in any way they can. Chances are you will be back for a second time. No one in our group is a professional paintball player, we just like to go out and have a blast playing paintball. All the equipment if needed to play is provided.

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you on the fields.