Quattro Sports Paintball Club

Since 1996 Quattro Sports Paintball has been committed to make playing paintball a safe, joyous event, whether you are a 1st timer, returning or experienced player. We currently have over 50 members from all over the country. The members who play are players who found the site looking to hook up and meet honest players. We play about 4-8 times a year playing private, scenario, and walk-on games through out the year.

What makes Quattro Sports Paintball different than most groups or clubs is that we strictly play hopperball. The main rule of hopperball is that all players are limited to the paintballs that can be carried in their paint gun’s hopper. Besides knowing that every player will have about the same amount of ammo we found out that hopperball minimises Spray & Pray tactics regularly found in paintball. It is also a great way to improve your shooting skills and fire discipline. An average member uses about 1071 paintballs a day so in the long run you save money.

The Battlegrounds

Our home field is Skirmish USA located in Jim Thorpe, PA. Skirmish USA is probably the most well known paintball field on the east coast. 46 Award Winning Paintball Fields on 700 acres of topnotch terrain!

The Costs
Joining the paintball club is free. There are no sign up fees for joining, but there is the cost to play paintball. All the admission, paintball, and additional costs to play are listed and explained on the website.

Game Play

We play many types of games through out the day. You can expect to play classic games such as Capture the Flag, Attack & Defend, Total Elimination, and Center Flag. We also have a few original games like Tank Buster and Flag Search. On average the club plays about nine 15-30 minutes games a day. We stray away from paint hungry fields like speedball courses and thick brush fields. As paintball players we all know that the refs can’t be everywhere so we play by the Honor System.

Joining The Club

It’s easy to get involved just: sign up, show up, follow the rules and you’re in. It’s just that easy. Members are entitled to: paintball discounts, marker giveaways, discounted admission fees, and even free admission.

The Rules

All members are to abide all safety & club rules and the Honor System. Goggle/mask, barrel plug, marker chronographing, and hopperball rules are strictly enforced.

The spirit and intent of these rules and the duty of enforcing them is to ensure safe play; to promote fair, unbiased competition; and good sportsmanship necessary to keep these paintball events a positive experience for all.

Honor System

The honor system is important, as players must call themselves or a teammate out when paint breaks on valid areas. If you were hit and are not able to see or feel the paint please ask a teammate, nearby eliminated player, or call for a paint check.


What??? Never played before??? No problem….we get new players all the time. We are certain all of our players and the Skirmish staff will be friendly & willing to help in any way they can. Chances are you will be back for a second time. No one in our group is a professional paintball player, we just like to go out and have a blast playing paintball. All the equipment if needed to play is provided.

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you on the fields.