Emerica continues as the team on the move in ’04 with young guns blazing. Firstly, Matty Johnston is holding down his end of the fort by finishing up an ASM interview he’s been working on over the last couple of months with AC and Dave Chami. Look forward to seeing Matty J’s truly unique take on modern street skating in the Jan/Feb issue.

Never one to be outshone, after shooting an average of five to everyone else’s one trick on the recent SMP Rural NSW Tour (see Slam 100), Dave Harris has an 8 pager coming out in Slam 102 featuring the best of his best. We’re expecting Dave to take his first trip to the States before the end of the year.

And finally, what can be said about the rise and rise of 18 year old Shane Cross. If you haven’t seen his 10 page Thrasher interview – prepare to be shocked! I don’t think any one Australian has ever busted out of virtual obscurity to blow up the way Shane has. The same Thrasher features Shane’s first ad for Legacy Skateboards, while Ellington has gone on record listing Shane as one of his favourite up-and-comers. Shane is already back in America for his second visit this year, this time around touring Mexico with Mapstone and the Volcom team. Go Son!.