Why Should You Choose to Play Paintball?


Our prices start generally from $50 per person, which often includes gear hire, BBQ lunch, 100 paintballs and as many games of paintball that you can play. Extra paintballs are usually around $50 for 200 balls.

Organiser Bonuses

Organise 10 mates to play at Quattro Sports Paintball and we’ll give you 500 paintballs for free, get 20 friends out to shoot and you’ll receive 1000 paintballs for free.This is our thanks to you as the organiser of your group.

Best and Latest Equipment

We provide ultra-modern Proto and Sly goggles with clear, unscratched lenses.

Camouflage overalls with in-built padded neck protectors! Ladies also receive padded chest and back protectors at no extra charge (guys can have one upon request).

We’ve sourced a brand of paintball that shoots consistently well through the barrel, leaving a thick paint splat so your opposition knows they’re out. We sell them at a very competitive price and you’re encouraged to compare our prices. We also pack all your paintballs in sturdy pods of 100 – no carrying around plastic bags of paintballs.

Gun Upgrades

All players receive a semi-automatic paintball gun – easy to use, just point at your target and pull the trigger. We also have camouflaged guns that look cool and help you blend into the bush, available at no extra charge.

Players can upgrade their gun to include a Tippmann Flatline barrel for greater distance and accuracy, or play with a Tippmann A5 which offers a higher rate of fire and also includes a flatline barrel.

No Surcharges

We don’t charge you extra for using a credit card or debit card, We make it as easy as possible to book online now.

Start Time – Your group can start at 9am on both Saturday or Sunday.


From the moment you arrive you can stand out of the cold, rain or heat in our comfortable administration building. Have a free coffee, sit back watch the latest paintball DVDs and get some tips before your mates do. We have permanent toilets too – not anything you think about until you have to use a smelly port-a-loo…

At each battlefield, Quattro Sports Paintball has safety zones where you can safely take your mask off, cheer your team, and have a drink under the shade before the next game starts.

Check out the photos of our battlefields. Unlike one of our competitors websites, all our photos are of OUR venue showing players on OUR battlefields…


Our referees will supervise your games, clean your gear, offer advice, make emergency deliveries of paintballs out to anyone that has run out (under fire!), make you laugh and generally ensure that your paintball experience is the best and safest you can have. The service you receive while at Quattro Sports Paintball is second to none.

About Quattro Sports Paintball

Quattro Sports Paintball has been operating since 1994 and from humble beginnings we have grown to be one of the biggest paintball venues in the Canberra and southern NSW region.

At Quattro Sports Paintball we boast 12 spectacular paintball battlefields set over 70 acres – The Village, The Citadel, Twin Peaks, The Clock, Dead Twi – just to name a few. Some fields are so large and dense with thick bush that you cannot see the other team at the start of the games

The fun of playing paintball can range from 3 to 8 hours, but your memories of your experience at Quattro Sports Paintball will last a lifetime.